2022 / 02 / 15

About Us

At Limovelo, we believe that an outdoor life is a life well lived.

We believe that it is in the wild, untamed and natural places that we find our best selves. Our goal is to instill a lifelong love of the outdoors in everyone. Passionate about nature, isolated and unusual places, we are particularly fond of road trip retreats far from the beaten path, in isolation or in small groups, with the goal of breathing pure air and communing with the deepest nature.

And to quench this intense thirst for exile and enriching travel experiences, bicycles and scooters are, in our eyes, the best instruments. More than a means of transportation, we consider them as a lifestyle with numerous virtues: reduction of stress, increase of happiness at work, limitation of environmental pollution, participation in general well-being...

In a hurried and grey society, where stress and monotony are constantly increasing, our ambition is to give back some color to the daily life of individuals, by offering them these tools that are extremely efficient in improving their mood and quality of life.

That's why since February 2022, we strive to help you adopt more ecological means of transportation and to provide a better feeling. Thus, we offer you a wide range of supplies dedicated to sustainable mobility. From bicycles to electric scooters and accessories, Limovelo offers branded products from international, certified, and experienced suppliers in the production of sustainable goods.

And because we are small merchants and have no shareholders, with every purchase you make from us, you choose to protect nature, support sustainable businesses and participate in the fight for outdoor living. Indeed, Limovelo is firmly committed to donate 2% of the revenue from its sales to associations that work for the protection of the environment (This initiative is currently focused on the crisis in Ukraine). Whatever the level of our income, we are determined to hold on to promote a less polluted planet.

Thank you for your interest!

Franck Njike,
Founder and Optimistic Entrepreneur

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