Anti-theft Cable Lock for Bicycle, Scooter and Motorcycle


$27.30 USD

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$27.30 USD


Name: Bike Cable Lock
Material: Steel Cable + PVC + Copper Lock Core
Lenght: ≈1.1cm
Weight: ≈265g
Lock Frame: Suit to 28-39mm Diameter Seatpost
Colors: Black/ Orange
Application: Bicycle, Motorcycle, Electronic Vehicle Lock


1. Portable
2. Professional Anti-Theft Lock
3. Lengthen Steel Cable
4. Sturdy Lock Cylinder
5. Convenient Storage
6. Comfortable PVC Cable
7. Dust and Rust Proof Core

Portable anti-theft ring lock
Tough steel /
Bold lock body 
PVC wrapped 
Wear-resistant and rust-proof

- Safe and reliable, one handful is enough
- Bold lock body, firm and durable/ The diameter of the lock body is about 11.5mm
- Upgraded copper blade lock cylinder/ Teeth change is complicated
- Keyless quick lock/ It can be locked by pressing in the lock, simple and convenient
- Lengthened steel cable flexible bending/ The overall length can reach 1.1 meters

- PVC package Doesn't hurt the frame/ PVC wrapped steel cable feels comfortable to prevent scratches on your car

- ABS shell + dust cover/ It is resistant to wear and tear, preventing external rain, sand, etc. from entering the interior

- Anti-theft key with serpentine slot/ Snake-shaped groove design is difficult to copy, high security and anti-theft performance

- Delivery lock frame, easy to carry/ Gently buckle firmly and stable, compact and portable

- Drive storage does not take up space/ When driving, the lock is stored in the bracket, no need to configure the car bag separately

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