LETSPORTS Mini Hand Air Pump For AV/FV Bicycles - 210PSI


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$9.52 USD


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The most complete anti-puncture kit

In its full set of products, the LETSports manual air pump comes with an array of complementary tools designed to equip you as well as possible against all the hazards that can affect your bike wheels - deflation, tearing, etc. In addition to a lightweight and ultra-convenient manual air pump that comes with hose and bracket, the kit includes the following: tire patch, tire lever, screws, tire blade, air nozzle, tire repair box, repair toll set, storage bag, as well as a round tir patch*12 and a square tir patch*12.

Designed with a pressure gauge

The LETSports air pump has a large capacity gauge that reaches 210PSI, giving it all the power it needs to re-inflate your bike tires, balloons, swim buoys and in the most extreme cases only your car tires.

Easy to use and energy saving

The manual intervention device is characterized by a high degree of flexibility designed to save you physical effort. It prevents any resistance due to air pressure movements during inflation, thus helping you to save energy.

Extendable design for easy transport and storage

The LETSports puncture kit takes up very little space, thanks in part to the extendable and retractable design of its air pump, which measures just 197 millimeters in length and no more than 21 millimeters in width - when folded, with a removable hose of only 195 millimeters. All this without counting on its storage bag made to hold all the instruments of the kit, and easily attachable to the saddle of your bike.

Product Details:

Aluminum Alloy
Color: black
Size: 197 * 21mm / 7.76 * 0.83in

Make more purchases, and pay the whole over time! Learn more.
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